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Trying to find a Realtor that can help you with all your Real Estate questions?
Well, let me start by saying that there are a few aspects that Real Estate agents CAN"T give advise on, for example:

Legal advice (Contact an Attorney), Tax Implications (Contact a CPA), as well Federal Law prohibits us from restricting or giving you any information on the availability of homes according to the racial, religious or ethnic characteristics of a neighborhood.

How can your Realtor or Real Estate agent help you?

When Selling your Agent MUST:

  • Give you the fair market value of your property, by using comparables that sold (your agent must show you the numbers!) and by showing you what's for sale on the market. That way you know what is your competition and price your home to sell sooner than your competition for top dollar.
  • Marketing your property using new technology that buyers expect, for example, Virtual Tours, Videos of your listing on Social Media like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn to name a few. Using QR Codes, Website page of the Property, just to name a few.
  • Your agent needs to do an email blast, where they send the listing (your property) to their circle of influence, colleagues, past customers etc. the more people they reach the more people will know your house is For Sale.
  • Your agent needs to be responsive over the phone & with emails.
  • Inform you about how the market is doing, know about the current interest rates, and lending regulations.
  • Your agent MUST have clear what are your NEEDS for selling.
  • Keep you informed of all events, offers, paperwork with contract, title, inspections, buyers loan and much more...

I can talk for hours of the many things we, Realtors, do for sellers, it's imperative that your agent has the skills to market your property for this current times where there is so much technology and use it for your advantage, also your agent must care for your needs and keep you posted through the whole process.


When Buying your Agent MUST:

  • Tell you of any fees that you will be charged for his or her service, company fees or any other fees from your relationship with that agent. This should be done immediately, just ask them the first time you talk, just to make sure beforehand, that way you don't get a surprise at the end.
  • Make sure that you are properly approved for a mortgage and stick within your budget, unless you have the means and give permission to explore over.
  • Your agent must know what are the currents interest rates, and explain the DIFFERENCE between, down payment, closing costs & principal.
  • Give you the fair market value of the property you are going to make an offer and advice you on how to make it more attractive to the sellers.
  • Advice you to get a home inspection, and a home warranty, get an appraisal even if you're buying cash unless it's obvious that you are offering well below market value.
  • Help you find a property that better match your needs. Keep in perspective that wants and needs are different, sometimes you might need to sacrifice some of your wants to get what you need.
  • Your agent must let you know that your lender must give you  a Loan Estimate right after you apply for the mortgage and provide all the necessary documents.

The Loan Estimate summarizes the loan, including costs, so the buyer can use it as a comparison tool to shops with other lenders for a loan. If a buyer has a question about the Loan Estimate, he should speak directly to the lender, these are new rules to make lenders accountable in their role.


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